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Beloved Residents

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Meet the Chickens


danny joo.jpg

Danny Jo:

Danny Jo was rescued from a small town in west Georgia.  He was dumped on someone's property and lived there for about a year before the resident decided to move and needed to rehome him.  He's a beautiful soul and we are so thankful that we are able to give him a forever home here at FOTF.

  Meet the Cows


- Johnny Cash (below) is the youngest of the two steers.  He was abandoned by his mom when he was just a day old. He was hungry & cold, so he was rescued & bottle fed back to health. He turned 1 this year & is very small for his size.  He is a bit shy, but once he gains your trust, he’ll be your best little friend.  He’s a sweet boy who still has his ‘baby face, loves to be pet, & enjoys licking you on your neck and hands!  He was born May 2nd, 2016.




















- Waylon Jennings (below) was abandoned by his mom & was going to be sold as a veal calf.  Since he didn’t receive his mom’s milk, he would never be big enough to be used as a breeding bull; hence the farmer who owned him made the decision to sell him as a veal calf.  Not wanting him to be slaughtered, he was purchased by a local, compassionate farmer & bottle raised. He’s such a sweet boy who, for his age (1 ½ years old) is fairly small.  His favorite thing is being scratched on his tail & under his chin. He will let you cuddle on him when he’s laying down, & if you sit beside him when he’s down, he will put his big head in your lap!  He was born December 7th, 2015.

Goats & Sheep

Duke was FOTF's first goat.  He comes from a rehoming situation in the local area.  He is a very sweet boy who loves affection and a good scratch.  Duke's birthday is September 14, 2015.  

Peregin Took, AKA Pippin was born on June 18th, 2019.  He was born on a working goat dairy farm in Florida.  Similar to the cow dairy industry, males are of no use on dairy farms because they can't produce milk, so they were either going to sell him or slaughter him for his meat.  Instead, a local animal lover was able to convince the owners to surrender him to a sanctuary.  Now Pippin will live out the rest of his life with the other sheep and goats here at FOTF. 


Rudy was rescued by a local animal advocate before being sold to the wool or meat industries.  He's timid, but make no mistake, he's got a big heart, & even a bigger appetite!  He is 3/4 Katahdin (hair sheep) & 1/4 south down (baby doll).  His "baaaa" has been said to sound like a purr - he's a very special boy!  His birthday is April 10, 2011. 

Sarah is Rudy's mother and after being separated for about a year and a half, she is together again with him to live out their lives as comfortably as possible.  When sheared, she has a large distinctive white patch on her left side and white legs. 


To help sustain the sanctuary and support the care of each FOTF resident, please consider becoming a monthly member today. 

To those we've had to say goodbye to 


In loving memory of our very first rescue, Charlie Fin 

Charles Finley:

Charlie was adopted by FOTF on May 21st 2017 & was FOTF’s very first resident.  He was the heart of the sanctuary, the sanctuary Buddha and the sweetest animal on earth.  Charlie was a Mammoth Jack donkey, who often hung out with Waylon and loved meeting all of the FOTF visitors.  We never knew his exact age, but we believe he was in his early 30's when he passed.  He will never be forgotten and his presence will live on here at the sanctuary.

Eddie 2.jpg


Eddie was originally part of a wild horse and donkey "round up" out west about 20 years ago, but a caring person took him in and gave him a safe place for as long as possible.  In 2019, he was transported here from Tennessee.  Eddie unfortunately passed away in July 2020 from (what the vet thinks) of either a blood or bone marrow cancer.  He was believed to have been anywhere from 30-35 years old.

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