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Carmen and Greg Pope met in 2007. Both grew up with a love for animals.  Since they've been together, they've rescued cats, dogs, fish and lab rats.  They've watched several documentaries on how consuming animal products supports animal cruelty, destruction of the environment, and health issues, so in 2013 they decided to go vegan.  They also stopped wearing anything made from an animal, stopped supporting places that exploit them, and stopped buying products that test on them.  They didn't want to stop there, so they made plans, started the nonprofit, they sold their house in Smyrna, GA. They bought 10 acres in Good Hope, GA to start the sanctuary.  One of their focuses is on educating and drawing awareness to the unnecessary mass slaughter and exploitation of industrialized farm animals.

They would love your support to help animals, people, and the planet at Farm of the Free Animal Sanctuary!

The Founders




Carmen grew up in Marietta, GA.  She studied at Kennesaw State University and Penn Foster College.  She grew up playing soccer, making lasting friendships and of course loving animals. She was a vet assistant and pet sitter for 15+ years.  Carmen became a vegetarian her junior year of high school after writing a research paper on animal rights.  She transitioned into veganism in 2013 after realizing the horrors of the egg and dairy industries.  She is excited to be a apart of the growth of FOTF in raising awareness for animals, but also equally excited to help FOTF become a sanctuary for humans to come grow, heal, and feel empowered so they in turn can make better decisions that benefit themselves and the planet as a whole.




Greg was born in Atlanta, GA and grew up in Marietta, GA.  He served 6 years in the United States Air Force and has an Associate's Degree in Applied Science, Criminal Justice from Community College of the Air Force.  After serving in the military, Greg earned his BSBA from Columbia Southern University and became a Technical / Executive Recruiter.  Greg went vegan in 2013 after watching documentaries and seeking the truth about factory farming and the meat and dairy industries.  He has a passion for saving animals and providing them a forever home.

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