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Farm of the Free relies on community involvement and volunteers. Our sanctuary is open to the public during events, scheduled tours, or for volunteering. We'd love for you to visit!

Visit Us

Sanctuary Rules

First and foremost, our sanctuary is a home for our residents. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our residents. As such, we have rules that are required of everyone at the Farm of the Free:

  • You must sign a one-time visitor waiver online or when you arrive

  • No one is guaranteed any interactions with the residents - the sanctuary is not a petting zoo

  • If residents aren’t interested, we don’t obligate them to do anything they don’t feel comfortable with unless it’s for their primary care/needs

  • If residents walk away from you, please do not pursue them - we are in the residents’ homes and should respect their body language

  • Please, no animal products on the premises out of respect for our residents

  • Do not bring food of any kind into the animal enclosures for their safety and yours

Ready to Visit?

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